Charles Buckley & Sons. established in 1882 was a ship chandler based in Liverpool. They supplied a large array of items, including sweeping brushes which were manufactured by the company.

These brushes were also sold to the brewing industry where greater variety was needed. Upon entering this industry, the company saw a necessity for cask closures required in beer barrels, which involved wood turning, a skill already in place for the manufacture of brush backs.

In 1917 Charles Buckley and Sons moved to Mirfield, West Yorkshire where two separate companies were established. Buckley's Brushes manufactured and supplied brushes whilst The British Bung Manufacturing Company Ltd continued to develop it's market position in the cask closure industry.

During the Second World War the company was involved in the manufacture of wooden ammunition boxes required by the Armed Services, and as such was part of essential industry for the war effort.

Today we are still based on the same site in Mirfield, although the majority of the original buildings have been replaced allowing for developement in the modern working environment. In it's 4th generation The British Bung Manufacturing Company Ltd still provides high quality traditional wooden cask closures for the brewing industry.

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